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Episode 4: REALITY TV

Why we’re obsessed with mind numbing television, underwear adjustments and why Jennie sits down in the shower. Warning-This podcast contains explicit body part chat. 


Our inaugural episode. We wanted to give you an intro about us, what we’ll be talking about and what we’re into, but it spiralled pretty quickly into a shocking revelation about Jennies age, an extraordinary use of a McFlurry and why we think Jon Bon Jovi is insecure. 

Deborah James (aka Bowel Babe) – Special Guest

We’re are joined by the incredibly inspiring podcaster, columnist and influencer, Deborah James (aka Bowel Babe), from the podcast ‘You, Me and The Big C’. This week is ‘Dying Matters’ week, which is about opening up the conversation around death, to help us deal with it better and with grief.…