About Two Non Blondes


I should start by saying Amy is the best dog mama I know. Her love for her cavapoo Peggy-Sue is stronger than my love of vodka and fizzy orange (and that’s a
hard passion to top). She’s an extremely supportive friend and is very understanding of the bold life choices I tend to make. She has an uncanny ability to fit into small
places, and gets a real thrill out of it. Whilst recording most of our episodes, Amy will be drinking gin. Her laugh makes me laugh, so sometimes we laugh for
lengthy periods, and it’s entirely Amy’s fault. Her interest in overpriced natural deodorant, avocados, intense exercise and faddy foods means Amy is a bit of a knob.



Jennie is the only human being I know who still has baby teeth, a tattoo of My Little Pony and drinks vodka and fizzy orange in bed. She’s also the person I go to to
find out the latest on what to do with my eyebrows and what the word peng means. She is a constant source of entertainment and lives life so passionately there is
always excitement, from going to Rome with a guy she just met, to getting stuck in a high chair and having to use a McFlurry to get out, to finding a false eyelash in
her poo, Jennie’s life updates are always of great interest.