A comedy podcast that you can finally relate to!
Because real life is far more interesting than fiction.
We created this podcast to openly address these
unavoidable issues and experiences that women endure
through their teens, 20’s, 30’s and beyond. Growing up
as we go and sharing it all, shamelessly.
Expect unapologetically honest chat, unfiltered language
and a lot of love for dungarees, getting your clavs out
and Jane McDonald.
From the usual pressures of marriage, babies and jobs, to health & wellness, dating disasters and getting naked on TV.
So take your seat on the TNB Train!


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Two Non Blondes & Friends


We were terribly excited to head to Amy’s home town of Leicester to take part in the infamous comedy festival with you! Panny D had another plan. But fear not, we shall persevere and do a live recording of the podcast on Zoom, how modern! It’s free, we won’t be…


Ever since we discussed Amy’s natural deodorant and actually looked into the ingredients of products we buy and use daily, we’ve been on the quest for natural products. But why should we be using them and how do we even tell they’re actually using proper natural, organic ingredients? It’s quite…


Thank you to Crystal Hive Manchester for teaming up with us to give you the chance to win a Retrograde Defence Bundle! All to help with dealing with stress, healing, self confidence and much more. If you’re not quite schooled on crystal healing like Jennie is, but more a bit…

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